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Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Chief provides all kinds of image editing service within lowest possible price & always maintain standard quality,

Clipping Path Chief represent below Services all over the world.

Clipping Path Service


 Get accurate Clipping Path Service at $0.39/image Only from CPC. Clipping Path Service is the main service of Clipping Path Chief. It is called the mother of Photoshop Image Editing Service. All  the services of Photoshop are based or started from Clipping Path Service, It is a vector path around the image to isolate the unwanted background from an image. It is popular service & we maintain 10,000+ Image for Clipping Path Services only.


Clipping Path Chief provides Clipping Path Service at starting price $0.39/image .We also provide  Multiple Clipping Path Service or Clipping Mask Services for Simple, Complex & compound images using manual Photoshop Clipping Path Tools to select certain area of an image. This is the basic services for all kinds of image editing supplier as well as this is also the basic require of our customer.


Clipping Path Service is called father of image editing service because for background removal service, neck joint service, image masking service or any other services needs Clipping Path.Clipping Path Chief is one of the best Graphic firms on the web world and it is highly professional in any kind of Photoshop editing and manipulation works. It provides the best Clipping path services compare to other companies. To know more about business functions and prices of Clipping Path Chief, stay with us.The definition of clipping path service is very simple, as to answer the question of who is the current president of the U.S.A? The clipping path is a process of cutting an image from the background by making an outline around the image. It is just like cutting a picture from the magazine using a scissor.

The clipping path is also known as shaping the image or closed vector path. When a clipping path is applied to an image everything inside the path included in the final result and outside of the path is removed. The professional designers of Clipping Path Chief shape your image so much efficiently that you can not see any kind of unwanted things or background element in the final image result.You can use other techniques to remove the background from the image, but the result will not be the same with the service, provides by the experienced Clipping Path Chief designers. If you are seeking for a good clipping path service which gives you quality and sharp edge image, select a good company like Clipping Path Chief.Clipping Path Chief has a good reputation in quality maintaining. Quality is our first priority whether you give us a single image or multiple image, we are committed to maintain the highest quality. Enjoy our free trial option before you place an order.We use latest Photoshop image editing software to provide you the highest service. You can use magic wand tools or pen tool for clipping path, but the outcome will be ragged that looks unprofessionally designed or pixelated. Give us your images, our highly experienced designers provide you the best clipping path service experience. The pictures will be smooth, accurate and we will not give you a single chance of complaining.Clipping Path Chief has always respect to their clients, whether a client gives us a single image or thousand images. We always try to give you the best Clipping path service at the cheapest rate. The price of our service depends on the image quantity, complexity and the turnaround time of an order. Our prices for clipping path service start from $0.39 us dollar only. Our FTP and customer care service is always open for 24/7 hour a day. Place your order now, to experience a clipping path service with higher excellence.


Image Background Removal Service

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Clipping Path Chief is a professional image processing company provides background removal service for online retailer, photographers, and designers or for eCommerce web owner all over the world.If you have an online shopping mall of course it is mandatory to focus on your product image. If your images background with dust in this case you have to remove the background, but as you have no time to your graphic issue so simply transfer your headache along with your images to us, we will take care of it & deliver without the background within your targeted turnaround & price.We use Photoshop pen tools to make a perfect edge of your images which deliver quality full background removing service.

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Background removing service is one of the popular image manipulate technique that used to remove backdrop from the image. Background removal service is very important, when you built an e-commerce site. Generally, e-commerce sites needs a huge amount of product pictures and those pictures are not always in a good position to upload to your site. Most of the pictures have backdrop problems. You don’t want to show the backdrop because your customer visit to your site to view and purchase the product only. They don’t want to see your product background and it is awkward when  you will see a product in a background image. So, you need a good background removal service from a good Clipping Path Chief company.

The importance of background removing service is higher imagining. Background removing service makes your photo more attractive that brings you more public to your site. See, good pictures have more importance to build any kind of site. You need a professional and reliable company which provides you the best service and help you to grow your business. It is important to select a good company who provides you the best background removal service, because you don’t have enough time and money to spend.

Background Removal Service

Why you select Clipping Path Chief for background removing service?


In today’s world of business, time is money. If you want a good, reliable and professional company for background removal service, select Clipping Path Chief. The company has a large manpower who are experts in all kinds of Clipping Path Chief. The peoples working here are professional, experienced and always committed to provide you quality service. Clipping Path Chief always gives priority to their clients. We have a reasonable price for our honorable clients. The price for a normal background removal service is starting from $0.30 only. The price will be higher for complex and compound pictures. But we are always ready to make a business relationship with you. That’s why our door of negotiation is always open for our clients

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 ♦All the services are at comfortable price.

♦Standard Quality & Services.

♦24/7/365 Open /Instant Feedback.

♦6, 12, 24 hours Turnaround available.

♦Three door checkpoint to ensure 100% quality.

♦Weekly & Monthly Payment System.

♦We accept all the payment method of the world.

Service for eCommerce website

We are working for the web-shop owner, we are editing their image within lowest possible price as per their website requirement. We are doing clipping path, making shadows, resizing the images to fit on the website. We are also providing the image solutions for eBay & Amazon.

Bulk Image Processing Order.

Are you thinking to get edited thousands of images within 24 hours then you can select us, because we have capacity to perform 10,000+ images per day. Our price will be also reasonable & of-course you will get high quality post production. Do you like to check the quality of our 200+ employee then simply try us now. Just click on below button for free trail.

Check Our Quality before sending us your jobs.

Clipping Path Chief only company which is providing free trial option to check the quality of done images & to check the service. We accept 2 images as free trial & if you like the quality afterwards we go for pricing. What do you think do you have any project ?? Then test our services now.

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Are you ready to send us a project? Then it is easy to upload your files to our unlimited FTP server. We handle 10,000+ images per day through FTP. If your file size is small in this case you can also use & use our email: or If your file size is big or you want to uplaod bulk images in this case click on below link.

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Our short history

Clipping Path Chief is one of the best image editing company situated in Indian Subcontinent called Bangladesh. It is a sister concern of DEFT GROUP. It has emerged with an aim to provide pre-press & printing company at 2007, for the development of internet base online market it has opened Outsourcing images editing solutions. At the starting time the company had only 3 DTP experts but now more then 200+ experts are working here. Clipping Path Chief mainly provide Clipping Path Service, Image Background Removal Service & Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin service.

Engr. Mishuk Hasan, CEO and Managing Director, DEFT GROUP is a passed out B.Sc Engineer, who is a talented person  has sufficient knowledge regarding Outsourcing, so he choices to provide image editing service base on outsourcing . Now Clipping Path Chief is working with 800+ clients all over the world.

“I know Quality ,service & support are the main issue for a customer. We have all this so that our client can believe us, because Customer is the foundation of any business & without customer it is impossible to grow, so we know how to make them happy. Believe us & get your full fill solutions. We are awake so that you can sleep.”


Mishuk Hasan
We always offer 100% free trial options & while you will choice our done test jobs afterwards go for order