Image Manipulation Service

Neck Joint Service


Image Manipulation Service is the name of group services which we can define as Ghost Mannequin Service or neck joint service, Color variations service or dummy removing service. It will clear while I will describe part by part & step by step. In words, I only can define Image Manipulation is a popular technique of Photoshop professionals to transform one or more images into a new unique image. Image Manipulation Service is not a certain technique to make the images nice but it is an intention to show the certain part of images so that customer can understand special features or benefits of the product.



Neck joint manipulation

Generally, the photographer shot cloths photos with its supporting objects like mannequin, hanger or model. But to approach a full view of the clothes it needs image manipulation service which we will call neck joint manipulation or neck joint service or ghost mannequin service.

I want to show a t-shirt as an example which was shot with a mannequin after applying neck joint service you are able to see the full view of it. this is the creative technique of our professionals who are performing thousand of neck joint services for online dresses shops.

Image Manipulation Service

Color variation manipulation

Color variation manipulation is also another technique of Image Manipulation Service. Generally, clients  provide us only one photo of the product with one color & they require the photo in different colors. The benefit of this service is that photographer did not need to shot several times, same products. If you take a look at the images beside us you will get the issue.

Image Manipulation Service

How do we do image manipulation Service?

Image manipulation is not only technique but it is something more than technical skills & expertise along with the background. Because the service depends on high-level creativity & creative thinking. Before starting to perform manipulation service the experts need to find out the best way to presenting the images.

Our experts work closely with our clients only achieve the requirement of them before start working on the project. While our experts understand the requirements then they start working on it. Efficiently and diligently both are main tools to perform image manipulation service using Photoshop software.

For the solid foundation & reputation, Clipping path chief deserves considerable experienced highly skilled area of image processing service. All the experts are passed out diploma holder on graphic Design & they achieved this after 4 years training from Graphic Arts Institute.

We are rich for our Skilled professional. You will get the solution for any editing.

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